Friday, September 02, 2005

"Intelligent Design"? It's for cars, not organisms.

Being a pragmatist, I am a practitioner of common sense. So, I have a simple way to solve any confusion over the notion that "Intelligent Design Theory" may be a possible foil to the scientific theories about how life evolved.
Choice 1 - (Intelligent Design) - Everything happened in 6 days a few thousand years ago, done by an invisible man up in the sky. (The "evidence" for this is taken from texts written before science was even a concept).
Choice 2 - (Evolution) - Based on proven scientific principals of physics, geology, biology, astronomy, etc., formulate the most solid possible theory using factual and physical evidence, and observable phenomena.
Obviously #1 sounds the most likely.
About as likely as pink and green orangutans will fly out of my ass playing "Ave Maria" on trombones any minute now.

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