Tuesday, September 13, 2005

News of The Projects

Currently I am involved in four ongoing projects, but I'm also available on a call-basis for touring acts coming thru Austin, or if your local bass player gets run over by a beer truck.

Danny Malone http://www.dannymalone.net
I am performing live with Danny and his band as his bass player. Currently playing dates to promote his new CD "While We're Still Here". Promotional dates and CD release starting immediately.

The Moliter Sisters - Identical twin sisters who write songs and sing like birds. We are currently recording the pre - masters for their EP coming out this winter. This is ongoing and should keep us busy all the way up until release sometime in early 2006.

Glen Collins http://www.glencollins.com
Texas singer-songwriter who is (hold your breath) actually related to the Geezinslaws. This old boy is a Texas original. We are now working on recording his songs to promote to radio, publishing and possibly labels. Ambitious release date of February 2006.

The Dash Kizer Experience http://www.dashkizer.com
The first two records are available for listening on the website. The White Trash Superhero album earned a favorable writeup by Chris Gray of the Austin Chronicle. We are currently working to record tracks for the third record, which involves transferring music files back and forth by internet and on discs. Brett Reeves, the songwriter for this project, moved from Austin to the SF Bay Area. I think air travel really sucks, so for now we'll share the files long-distance with most of the production work being done right here in Texas with old Weevil and some other local session players performing the instrument cuts. Then we'll bring old Hoss in for vocal sessions hopefully around Christmas or New Year.

Friday, September 02, 2005

"Intelligent Design"? It's for cars, not organisms.

Being a pragmatist, I am a practitioner of common sense. So, I have a simple way to solve any confusion over the notion that "Intelligent Design Theory" may be a possible foil to the scientific theories about how life evolved.
Choice 1 - (Intelligent Design) - Everything happened in 6 days a few thousand years ago, done by an invisible man up in the sky. (The "evidence" for this is taken from texts written before science was even a concept).
Choice 2 - (Evolution) - Based on proven scientific principals of physics, geology, biology, astronomy, etc., formulate the most solid possible theory using factual and physical evidence, and observable phenomena.
Obviously #1 sounds the most likely.
About as likely as pink and green orangutans will fly out of my ass playing "Ave Maria" on trombones any minute now.